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Generate original copy and ideas for marketing content with AI.

Write blog posts 10x faster

End writer's block and speed up your writing process with tools to generate blog post titles, outlines, and entire sections. Copybuddy can also rephrase selected texts and complete unfinished sentences and paragraphs.

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Create SEO-friendly content

Instruct Copybuddy to include keywords to help rank your content higher on search engines.

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Write content for any occasion

We're constantly adding more writing tools with settings suited to specific use-cases.

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How it works

Leverage the power of GPT-3, a language model trained with over 175 billion inputs to produce realistic human text.

Choose a writing tool

Select from several options for both short-form and long-form content.

Describe what you want

Add a bit of context to shape the results to your needs.

Generate content

With a click of the button generate up to 10 original pieces of content.

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